Chicken Burger

Today I made burger for me. I know I haven’t been posting for quite long time but  now its time again to make some delicious dishes.  Preparation time: 10 minutes  Cooking time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 1. Buns 2. Minced Chicken  3. Chicken Masala 4. Garam Masala 5. Chat Masala 6. Red Chilli Powder  7. Smashed…

Hakka Noodles

Making Delicious Hakka Noodles with Ching’s secret.

Chicken Patty

Chicken Patty is one of the dish which can be served with variety of food items. It can be served as a snack item in the evening or served as sandwich filling or as non-veg salad. I had very less items with me as I am staying in a hostel, so I made the chicken patty…

Bhuni Hui Kichdi

Easy and Tasty Kichdi to make without any heck. Addition of soya adds a new dimension of taste to Kichdi.

Chicken Chop With Cabbage and Apples Salad

Tonight I thought of making Chicken Chops. To add natural flavours,  I prepared salads to serve along with the chicken. Prep time: 10 minutes. Cooking Time: 1 hr. Ingredients Required: 300 gms of chicken Cabbage (small) 1 apple salt Black pepper Oil Steps I followed: Boil the chicken for about 45 minutes so the the…

Soya and Peas Sandwich

Tonight I thought of making sandwiches with soya beans fillings. The sandwich taste real good and doesn’t require extra effort. Preparation time: 10 minutes Total Cooktime: 1 hour Ingredients I used: Soya Beans (200gms) Bread Slices 1 boiled potato 100 gms Green Peas Coriander leaves Half Onion Half lemon Garam masala Black Pepper Salt Black…

Tropical Sandwich

Tasty and Delicious Sandwich.
Sour, salty and sweet taste at the same time.

Chicken Chilly

Well I and my room mate were looking forward to have chinese food for a long time but our plan of going out and have chinese food was getting postponed every day. Son, finally I thought of making chiily chicken at my hostel room. So this is how I made it. Ingridients required: Chicken (bone/boneless)(200-300…